Support Us

Support Us

As a charity, we at ArtHouse Jersey depend on support from corporations, foundations and individuals to ensure that we deliver the highest quality work possible. If you are interested donating, or to hear more about our events or corporate opportunities, please get in touch.



Your donations allow us to support artists and to make high quality artistic work that has a meaningful impact on the local community and international audiences. We also recognise that donations can  come in all sizes and can occur in many ways, whether it is financially, through in-kind support or through time and expertise. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing options for giving. 



We host a programme of unique fundraising events aligned with arts projects, commissions and opportunities that occur throughout the year. These events typically transpire as dinners complemented by exclusive performances, showings or experiences provided by our artists. If you are interested in hearing more about attending as a guest, or would like to take part in other ways, please let us know.


Corporate Partners.

ArtHouse Jersey has worked closely with a range of companies to coordinate staff engagement projects, as well as delivering on bespoke benefits for our corporate partners. We are committed to nurturing fruitful relationships with each of our sponsors so that both of our businesses can benefit from our collaborations. We are always interested to hear more about how we can work together.


What can we do for you?

We want to take you with us on our journey. Great art requires a huge range of skills and resources so there is a role for everyone and the potential to celebrate our successes together. Whether you are an artist, enthusiast, investor, partner or general supporter, we would love to welcome you to our family.