Cooking Sections were invited to Jersey by The Morning Boat, our programme of public art projects exploring agricultural and fishing practices and the impact they have on people's lives.


The CLIMAVORE network is a group of select dining and catering establishments that offer a CLIMAVORE option on their menu, helping raise awareness of how our diet can be used as a practical conservation tool and have a positive impact on the environment. Dishes will be offered to customers throughout 2018.


As part of this process we have been working with Culinary Arts students at Highlands College to develop a series of CLIMAVORE dishes for clients around the island. Dishes will be showcased at Highlands College on the 10th of May. For students this is an opportunity to develop an appreciation for the potential impact their future careers might have on conservation and farming practices, while engaging with those working in the industry and developing their culinary skills, to place their ideas onto menus around the island.


Participating establishments:

Highlands College Academy Restaurant
JP Restaurants
The Atlantic Hotel and Ocean Restaurant
Bohemia Jersey
Langueville Manor
Project 52
Wild Health Jersey
Kismet Cabana
Feast and The Works
La Braye and No 10
The Blind Pig
Herb Garden Cafe
Pain de Famille


Updates on the project will be announced on The Morning Boat Facebook page


Sessions with students at Highlands College have been kindly sponsored by JP Restaurants.


Click here to read an article published by the Bailiwick Express about the initiative.