We're excited to share that the creative team behind FLUX has won the 2018 Creative Project of the Year for Jersey's first ever Tech Awards. The winning project 'Breaking Ice' was made in collaboration with artist Nick Romeril.


Flux has previously been supported by our Seed Funding grant, which provides financial assistance to local, professional artists working in any discipline. 'Breaking Ice' also made its premiere at our Skipton Open Studios 2018 event.



More about the project: 

Collaborating with local artist Nicholas Romeril, FLUX facilitated the production of a virtual reality experience charting his journey across the Antarctic Peninsula, as part of his collection 'Breaking Ice'.


Flux, provided Nick with specialist video equipment, alongside the technical knowledge to chart and document his journey across the Peninsula in virtual reality. The result was a series of stunning 360° documentaries, across landscapes that most will never have the opportunity to view in person.


Featuring vast stretches of icebergs viewed from on deck, close up shots of wildlife, to a behind the scenes look at how Nick creates his artwork in his on-board cabin studio. The videos are a truly immersive experience capturing one of the most beautiful and least accessible landscapes on the planet.



"FLUX predicted the power of this new media and worked extremely hard to make unforgettable imagery in a very short period of time. I can't wait to work with them again as we have several exciting ideas for future projects."

- Nicholas Romeril 


Coming up: 

As a continuation of the project, FLUX will be holding a 'Breaking Ice Banquet' in February 2019. It is a unique, themed event, that boasts an immersive experience taking you on a journey through the Antarctic. Find out more on FLUX's website