CLIMAVORE, a long-term project initiated by Cooking Sections in 2015, sets out to envision seasons of food production and consumption that react to climatic events and human induced landscape. CLIMAVORE: The Jersey Shore is a project by Cooking Sections for The morning boat, produced by ArtHouse Jersey. 

Often described as one of the greatest tidal ranges in the world, Jersey's coastal landscape is also undergoing a series of drastic transformations – human induced climatic alterations of the waters, increasing acidification, algal blooms, the appearance of new parasites, and the disappearance of species. CLIMAVORE in Jersey aims to rethink the enviromental futures of coastal inhabitation and the coastal commons through a diet that can effectively transform desires and infrastructures.



Cooking Sections have teamed up with Jersey restaurants and food establishments across Jersey to incorporate CLIMAVORE dishes in their menus, featuring seaweeds and bivalves, aiming to reduce the impact of intensive agricultural farming practices. These animals and algae purify the water by breathing and support the improvement of water quality along the coast. 

Participating restaurants and food establishments include Atlantic Hotel, Bohemia, Le Braye, Number 10, Kismet Cabana, R Fresh and the Good Stone, offering a range of plates and items which contribute to cleaning Jersey waters through their natural growth. Events also include an evening of conservation cooking presented by Highlands College Culinary Arts students, a Climavore dinner at Les Ecrehous by Nourish and a culinary exploration on Jersey's southeast coast with Jersey walk Adventures. To find out more about participating food establishments and events, visit The morning boat's CLIMAVORE page or download the CLIMAVORE brochure




Cooking Sections is a duo of spatial practitioners based out of London, exploring the systems that organise the world through food. Their work has been exhibited at the Venice Architecture Biennale, Glasgow International, Victoria & Albert Museum, dOCUMENTA(13) amongst others. 

CLIMAVORE: The Jersey Shore is supported by One Foundation, Atlantic Hotel, Bohemia, Highlands College, Le Braye, Number 10, Fresh Fish Company and JP Restaurants. (Images courtesy of The morning boat and JP Restaurants.)