We've produced some materials to help participating artists and groups make the most of the Skipton Open Studios event. It continues to change, grow and adapt. If you have anything you'd like to add then that you think might be helpful to others then let us know! We always value feedback and the Skipton Open Studios is an event that is collectively driven by all involved. 


We hope you'll find this information helpful to make the most of your Open Studios! 


Click here to download a timeline for the Skipton Open Studios event - this document should act as a checklist to keep track of things in preparation for the event. 


Click here to download tips on promoting your individual open studios event - ArtHouse Jersey provides tremendous support for your promotion: the website, the printed directories, posters, social media, print mail, events, and press... but getting people to YOUR studio is going to depend on YOUR efforts. Promotion does not have to be costly, but a little time and imagination will pay off! Pick up a few of these tips and start a buzz about your Open Studio!


Click here to download some notes on how to prepare your 'studio' space for the public to visit - Regardless of your type of studio – a visual artists’ workshop, a music producer’s recording studio, a rehearsal room or a different kind of creative space altogether - when you plan to open it up to guests, you need to think about creating an inviting, memorable space to show and tell... and ‘sell’ what it is that you do to the public! These pointers should help you to make all necessary arrangements to make your studio the ultimate destination for the public to visit as part of the Skipton Open Studios. 


Use the following artwork including the Skipton Open Studios event logo, and social media imagery for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to help promote your individual open studio event.