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ArtHouse Residencies

Our mission is to support artists of all disciplines to make bold new work.

One way that we can do this is to provide the time and space in a conducive environment for people to begin to bring their ideas to life. This can either be as a solo artist or working with collaborators or in a company.

Our residencies are generally held at Chateau Vermont in Jersey, Channel Islands, which is a large house that we share with the Jersey Academy of Music. We have six en-suite bedrooms, which can be sumptuous doubles for a single person, or made into twins or dormitories if people are happy to share. There is a fully functional kitchen, meeting and break-out spaces and a chapel in the grounds that we use as a studio.

We will proactively offer residencies to artists and companies whose work we are aware of but are also open to people approaching us. We apply the following criteria to decide whether we are able to offer a residency:


  1. Does the artist/company have a provable track record of making work that has been presented to an audience in some way? Is their commitment to their craft clear?
  2. Do they have a clear outline of what they are wishing to achieve? Do we have a good sense of what they will be working on?
  3. Do we have the space and facilities to be able to support the activity being proposed?
  4. Is there a wider plan for how the work will be taken forward? Are we confident that this is viable? Might there be a further role for ArtHouse Jersey?
  5. Does the project present potential new connections for ArtHouse Jersey? 


We welcome proposals that engage directly with Jersey as a place or could open up outreach opportunities for our artists, students and wider community, but this is not always essential.

We are also keen to hear of how the space might be used for industry development opportunities and creative CPD.

Generally, we are only able to offer the accommodation, though very occasionally we may be able to assist with other costs if the project is completely aligned with our programme aspirations.

We ask that all projects worked on during a residency appropriately acknowledge the support of ArtHouse Jersey in all future documentation and publicity. We also profile each residency on our website.  

To apply for a residency please complete and submit the short application below and we’ll get in touch to discuss the next stages. Should you have any questions or would like to discuss a proposal further then please e-mail our Producer, Alice Bravery, on

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