Seed Funding Application

Our Seed Funding


ArtHouse Jersey supports the development and making of new works of art of all kinds (music, visual art, film, theatre, dance etc.) to inspire, entertain and engage with wide-ranging audiences.

We want to hear from Jersey artists about activities that will support them to develop their practice and create work that will entertain and inspire audiences both locally and internationally. We also want to receive proposals that take the arts into the community in an exciting and professional way.


There are two key ways that large numbers of people can engage and benefit from artistic activities:


  1. ‍Through it being completely accessible (i.e. anyone can have a go)

  2. ‍Through it being high quality and inspiring where the public become active consumers of the work


These activities generally require different types of support and encouragement to succeed, and are often linked in a beneficial circle. Our seed funding exists to support Jersey artists in their pursuit of either and both of these aims.


Before Applying

Before you start, please read through the Seed Funding guidelines (available to download here) carefully before you fill in the application, as they will give you helpful guidance on the type of information we need from you to be able to fairly assess your application. The guidelines should also answer any questions you have about the assessment process and how we make our decisions.


We want to continue to review the accessibility of our seed funding, and we welcome your input into this. If you are having any difficulties with the way our guidelines and application form is presented, or feel it could be made clearer, we would like to hear from you. Please ask us for this information in alternative formats if that would be more helpful to you.  To do this, please send an email to or call 01534 617521.


 Seed Funding Award meeting dates and deadlines

Grant applications will be considered at quarterly meetings on the following dates:


  • Wednesday March 06 (final deadline for all submissions Feb 01)
  • Wednesday June 05 (final deadline for all submissions May 01)
  • Wednesday September 04 (final deadline for submissions Aug 01)
  • Wednesday December 06 (final deadline for all submissions Nov 01)


Please make sure that there is enough time for your application to be processed. There must, if possible, be at least three months between your application being received by ArtHouse Jersey and when your activity begins. 


How to apply

To apply for seed-funding please fill out an application form, available to download here. Please submit your application form, along with your proposal, and a completed Equality Monitoring Information Form (available to download here) by email to ArtHouse Jersey Producer, Alice Bravery, on  Please try and answer each question with as much detail as possible.


Any large files, such as attachments, can be sent by we-transfer if too large for email. We-transfer is a file sharing tool that is free and easy to use for sending large files.