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Artist Lock-In Residencies

The Artist Lock-In is a professionally facilitated residency project that brings creative people from a variety of disciplines, ages, backgrounds and experiences together to learn from each other and to respond to their surroundings.


In association with WildWorks and Jersey Heritage, this unique project provides artists with the time and space to consider new ways of working and to collaborate with people of different practices and artforms.

About the Residency

The Artist Lock-in is facilitated by Sue Hill, the Associate Director of WildWorks – the renowned international theatre company best known for its 2011 production of ‘The Passion’ with Michael Sheen in Port Talbot. From 2000 – 2006, Sue was also the Artistic Director for the Eden Project, developing their innovative interpretation strategy, commissioning artists, writers and performers to illuminate Eden’s ideas and messages.


ArtHouse Jersey first launched the project in 2012 in a private garden in St. Brelade. Eight Jersey born-artists, including Karen Le Roy-Harris and film director Michael Pearce, took part in the inaugural project. There have since been four other Artist Lock-Ins taking place at Elizabeth Castle.

What have past participants said?

‘I had been looking for unusual, adventurous places to explore within an artist residency. I was hoping for an experience challenging my own limits and experimenting with any other artistic disciplines than my own. I was also very interested in enacting the landscape of the island, in performing in natural environment and in playing with fire – in both literal and metaphoric senses. My expectations were more than fulfilled. I was thrilled about it!’


‘Elizabeth Castle is such an amazing location. The layers of histories and centuries still at the castle; it being a living thing rather than just from one century gives the possibility for so many layers of enquiries and exploration. Being surrounded by the sea and all of the lovely natural parts makes it a wonderful place to be in and also gives a very rich and resourceful investigation and exploration. It seems like a completely inexhaustible place for ideas and creativity to spark, thrive, grow and develop'

Past Residencies