Artist Lock-in 2013

The Artist Lock-In is a professionally facilitated residency project led by ArtHouse Jersey that bring Artists of a variety of disciplines, ages, backgrounds and experiences together in an unusual location for a fixed period of time to learn from each other and respond to their surroundings. Our aim is to provide Artists with the time and space to consider new ways of working and collaborate with people of different practices.


ArtHouse Jersey first launched the Artist Lock-in concept in 2012, in a private garden in St. Brelades. Eight Jersey born-artists, including Karen Le Roy-Harris and BAFTA nominated film director Michael Pearce, took part in the project.


In October 2013 a second Artist Lock-in was held at Elizabeth Castle, which saw a group of artists from Jersey, Iceland, Malta, Norway, Denmark and London, take up residence at the Castle where they created collective work inspired by their surroundings. Thirteen artists of varying disciplines, a facilitator and a project coordinator were invited to the Island by the Jersey Arts Trust in association with WildWorks and Jersey Heritage, to share practice and produce new work.


For 7 days and 7 nights, the group of filmmakers, actors, musicians, visual artists and writers were cast away at Elizabeth Castle in order to create collaborative pieces in response to the site and the natural resources that they could find there. 


The participating artists in the 2013 Artist Lock-In were:


Erla Dora Vogler - Iceland - Opera Singer

Jo Tabone - Malta - Visual Artist

Asle Lauvland Pettersen - Norway - Lighting Designer

Rebecca Camilleri - Malta - Dancer

Mark Game - London - Filmmaker

Francesca Duncan - London - Actress and Theatre Maker

Lulu MacDonald - Germany - Visual Artist

Kerry-Jane Warner - Jersey - Visual Artist

Ed Christie - Jersey - Actor

David Gouedard - Jersey - Dancer

Ian Rolls - Jersey - Visual Artist

John Henry Falle - London - Writer, Actor and Comedian

Ben Parker - London - Musician

“It was intense and emotional and "play" has never been such hard work, but it was a week that will remain one of the most memorable of my life.”


“I came out of it with a greater confidence to venture out of my comfort zone and trust in my own abilities.”


“In terms of artist development the lasting impact is almost impossible to quantify but this experience will no doubt inspire our work for years to come. The Jersey Arts Trust has also managed to bring together people who want to work in smaller collaborations in the future.”


“… the attitude that nothing could count as failure, sparked creativity beyond measure.”


“With a project like this, I was able to network with international artists and local artists alike on Jersey soil, which has undoubtedly re-cemented a connection with the island and opened the doors to collaborating with these fellow artists on future projects that can only fuel the island’s artistic worth.”