Bric à Brac is an international ensemble who tell real stories in unexpected ways. 


They work collaboratively to create original devised performance. Made up of theatre-makers from across the UK, Jersey, America, and Norway, they graduated from  the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in 2015. The company has a core ensemble of actors, directors, writers and musicians who have received acclaim for their debut show, Ash, at the Southwark Playhouse, The Space UK, and at the Paris and Edinburgh Fringes 2016.



ArtHouse Jersey hosted Bric-à-Brac in Jersey on a residency in November 2017 to have an intensive period to develop 'Just Lose It', ahead of a show at the Jersey Opera House Studio on Saturday 25th November. 


Just Lose It dives head first into the mysterious world of weight loss and our obsession with the way we look. The show is a new, immersive experience - a grotesque, interactive cabaret. Enter the surreal world of a weight loss group and their hunger to win big by losing large!


'Bin-the-Belly Weight Loss Corporation invites you to their end of year extravaganza! Expect awards, motivational speeches, fun fitness and, of course, the end of year briefing from our lean, mean, sexy machine: CEO Brian Aqua. So, bin that belly, get that waistline into the waste bin and get ready to drink as much skinny prosecco as you can get your hands on.' 


You can track the ongoing progress of the show and the company on their website.