Jonathan is a writer who tells stories about self-made heroes: rebels, radicals and revolutionaries. He is currently writing the stage show Put The Girl In Danger! and three feature films: Fireworks, a love story set during the 2011 London riots, Kiss and Run, a romantic thriller set in Paris in 1968, and The Nile, a Victorian action adventure. He is also a member of Crank, a creative collective whose latest project is The Best Man, the story of Britain's first transgender film director and his missing masterpiece. Jonathan is a trustee of Arts Emergency and Camden People's Theatre.


ArtHouse Jersey's Residence Programme assisted in Jonathan's creation of Put The Girl In Danger! by providing invaluable space, time and artistic support.


Put The Girl In Danger! is the story of Jess Addo, a mixed heritage teenager in contemporary Britain, and Kitty Jackson, a stuntwoman with a secret in 1900s Hollywood, and how their lives connect and intertwine across a century. It's a story of love and adventure, developed with director Abigail Graham and a team of teenage collaborators, to be performed with real stunts on stage. You can see some of the inspirations for the show at