Skein was developed as part of a collaboration between four multi-disciplinary artists: dancer Alys Hughes, artists Karen Le Roy Harris and Miriam Sedacca, and visual and sound artist Lola De la Mata.


An experimental performance uniting sounds and movement, skin and cloth. Skein explores the boundaries of subjectivity through both the individual and collective experience of the body and the dynamic and physical experiences of these relationships, questioning the idea of skin as a boundary which separates us from the world and from others. The multi-layered disciplines bleed into one another with each medium transforming whilst responding to one another. The work is both choreographed and improvised with live performance and sound.


The group received a development grant from ArtHouse Jersey in 2017 and was hosted at Chateau Vermont over two short residencies in order to develop their collaborative performance. The grant ad residency allowed the group to spend time together in a supportive environment whilst providing them with a much needed space and time away to develop a piece of work together that moves beyond their individual disciplines and challenges each others work.


The residency has allowed the group to refine and develop a performance as well as document and record the process in order to create opportunities to show their work to an audience which they can then tour to different venues.


In January 2018 following their second residency at Chateau Vermont the artists performed a work-in-development version of the piece publicly for the first time at the Jersey Opera House Studio and in February 2018 they will perform at Bow Arts Trust in Liminal Mass, as part of an evening of live performances.


Also as part of the evening the audience watched a special screening of seminal artist filmmaker Maya Deren and her silent short film At Land, with a dream-like narrative in which a woman, played by Deren, is washed up on a beach and goes on a strange journey encountering other people and other versions of herself.  Miriam Sedacca also performed Water’s Breath, created during a residency in the Peruvian Amazon, which considers fluidity as both a medium and mode of being in which bodies are permeable and shared spaces.




Alys Hughes background is in middle eastern and Flamenco styles of dance. Alys’s dance practice is focused on exploring the unity between music and the body and how through the body we can express complex emotions. Through research and practice she looks at how dance can be deeply rooted to identity and culture but can at the same time allow us to cross these boundaries.


Karen Le Roy Harris explores the boundaries of the body through multi-discpilinary sculpted forms, installation, drawing and collaborative performance. Researching the understanding of the body through positions of power, gender, identity and in relation to historical context, the environment and space. She has a material approach; physically manipulating tactile materials and the body to explore the form and its transient and fluid nature. Karen has undertaken site specific commissions in heritage buildings for both Jersey Heritage and National Trust. She has also curated several shows including Magic Mirror with works by Claude Cahun and Sarah Pucill at the Nunnery Gallery, London. 


Miriam Sedacca’s work spans various media including film, installation, and photography. Light, site and the body are the raw materials of her practice. Using projection, she challenges the relationship between the passage of light through space and the image which is latent in that light, waiting to be revealed when the light meets a surface. The embodied experience of the viewer is an essential consideration in the development of her work. Diverse texts inform her practice, from philosophical works by Merleau-Ponty and Lyotard, to mystical writings drawn from Hinduism, Buddhism and Daoism. Architectural references also play a significant role, whether as a starting point for site-specific pieces, or as influences which inform my work structurally. Miriam recently exhibited as part of Within the Horizon at the Hedmark Museum in Norway.


Lola de la Mata is a London based artist, musician and composer whose practice focuses around the body, collaboration and listening. Lola’s work ranges from monotypes and graphic scores to installations and compositions for movement, voice, electronics and classical instruments. Completing a Masters in experimental music, she continues to work on collaborations with numerous ensembles and dance artists. Most recently she saw the premiere of her piece MUTED for Ensemble Entropy, and played live improvised violin for choreographer Mirei Yazawa’s piece Cnidaria, both performed in London March 2017.