A British-born Jersey artist, Robert James Anderson, who recently won the ‘Mercedes Matter and Ambassador Middendorf Award’ for Performance in New York, is returning to Jersey to present his latest performance work MAGPIE.


Robert is currently developing the new piece of work as part of an intensive residency supported by ArtHouse Jersey, at Chateau Vermont. The artist says that the work will be the 'outcome of an extensive and varied creative process' and will be shared at the Chateau Vermont Chapel, in St Saviour.


Tickets are available to purchase from eventbrite here. Full price tickets cost £12 and student concessions are £10.


Described as an 'exploded self-portrait from the perspective of a queer art-maker' the performance seeks to examine masculinity, alienation, aspiration, loneliness, and the mythic/marginalised status of the art-maker as cultural figure. Encompassing many different forms of artwork, the piece will be both a live performance within an evolving multimedia art installation, within the timeframe of a play. Anderson will weave his own written musical scores, texts and moving images into a visual and auditory extravaganza with himself at its centre, while other performers will assist him, simultaneously countering and adding different tones to the aesthetic and energy of Anderson's body in the so-called spotlight.


Part celebration, part lamentation, this piece takes cues from numerous sources, in particular key performance works by Joseph Beuys, the recent output of queer pop star SOPHIE, the music and visuals of Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) and Grimes, the stage concerts of Madonna and live performances by Cyndi Lauper, installations by Bruce Nauman, the performances and recordings of Laurie Anderson, and the works of Marina Abramovic. In keeping with those who influence him, Anderson's work promises to be charged with deep introspection and a sharp social commentary.