Axon Bower (David Keenan) is a singer-songwriter from Jersey.  Usually performing as a solo act with an acoustic guitar, David is recently exploring new musical avenues as his Axon Bower project grows. David has been described as having a “…poetic and yet critical voice, laying fire to imagination and social consciousness.” as well as “…a winning card with his unadulterated, unique and heartfelt stage presence.” -Dr. Jonas Kvarnström UMM.


With his first three tracks submitted to the BBC introducing uploader securing airtime on BBC Radio 1 and with over 200 live performances at various festivals and venues across Jersey, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and New Zealand. The future is looking bright for Axon Bower and David Keenan.


An ArtHouse Jersey grant allowed David to be supported during his songwriting and recording process. He was able to purchase a computer program called ‘Logic’ which enabled him to record and develop ideas from his laptop. This was instrumental in being able to develop and change song structure and content more efficiently and allowed David to share his ideas with other creatives that he was working with. David was also financially supported with the first three tracks that he had chosen to record in the studio with additional production.


'The specific industry knowledge and support gained from ArtHouse Jersey kick-started my journey towards a musical career that may have not have otherwise ignited due to the many hurdles that exist in the creative industry. I can already feel the impact of the grant with my recordings gaining air time on both National and International Radio. As a result many other doors have opened for me which has allowed me to continue performing live, and I am currently developing my debut album which is set for official release in 2018.'


Links to listen to Axon Bower can be found here: