FLUX ZERO, a project coordinated by Jersey-based trio 'FLUX' (Tom Le Sueur, Sam Bullock and Tim McGuinness), showcased the work of 10 Jersey artists who stepped out of their comfort zones to explore the limitless possibilities of creating art using virtual reality (VR) tools.


In preparation for FLUX ZERO, the local Artists attended several workshops with a team of experts and equipped them with the knowledge and tools to begin experimenting with art in VR for the very first time.


FLUX ZERO was a unique, mixed reality experience that invited the general public to view art in a new and exciting way. Immersed in worlds created by some of Jersey’s best artistic talents, where the only limit is the artist’s imagination.


The artists included: Abi Overland, Ben Robertson, Danny Romeril, Kerry-Jane Warner, Kumo, Oli Nightingale, Sam Carney, Will Bertram and Will Romeril.


The support provided by ArtHouse Jersey enabled Flux to hire a space in the heart of St. Helier, which was converted into a pop-up Art Exhibition space.  The Exhibition didn’t just have traditional prints and 3D models, but a Virtual Reality booth which allowed members of the public to explore the worlds of the creators.  The public exhibition was free to all, and attracted many visitors from all demographics.


It was incredibly rewarding to see Flux encouraging the creation of Art using this new technology.  The artists involved were all at the forefront of using this new medium (VR) and the event provided a very new and unique experience to artists and art-viewers, it’s exciting to think what it is on the horizon for Flux.