“Von Cassidy” is a contemporary pop-rock music project created by Jersey born and based singer songwriter Joshua Venton.

The initiative consists of two Demo EP’s, all containing original material, written, recorded & produced by Joshua. The work is used as a blueprint to future work & acts as a point of reference for Joshua’s live work, currently performed in its acoustic foundation.


A small grant from ArtHouse in 2016 Jersey helped Joshua to purchase a range of home-recording equipment to help the artist avoid some of the high studio costs that can be associated with developing new music, so that Josh's creative process could be fully realised and provide him with an experience of learning and development in relation to self-producing original material which can be promoted to wider networks.


The immediate outcome of this has been the independent self-release of two separate Demo EP’s ranging across 9 different songs, entitled “Heartbreak Rd. EP” & “Hugo Ranch EP” respectively. The work is now readily accessible on major platforms including Spotify & iTunes.


You can listen to Joshua's music here: