Polly Crafter is a freelance make-up artist, focused on special make-up effects for film and television. ArtHouse Jersey supported Polly through her studies as a mature student at the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) on the Make-up for Media and Performance course, where she was awarded a first class degree.


Polly received two grants from ArtHouse Jersey throughout her time studying. The first grant in 2013 allowed Polly to purchase the initial make-up kit required for the course and the second, in 2016 funded a week long sculpting masterclass in Belfast, Ireland with Don Lanning, a California based sculptor for film.


During her time studying Polly worked on a number of short films and theatrical productions, heading up the make-up team in her second year of university on a stage production of Rights of Man. Polly also travelled to Los Angeles, California for make-up shows, studio visits and assisted Brian Kinney at Fullslap FX. As well as film and theatrical effects, Polly has worked with the Advanced Trauma Life Support teams since 2016 in both Dorchester and Jersey, making up patients for doctors’ assessments.


Following the completion of the course at AUB, Polly was offered an 11 month position as Technical Intern on Make-up for Media and Performance. As well as supporting the technical team during this time, Polly was able to further her ongoing education and was also asked to teach a short course on Special FX in Fantasy Creature Design and Fabrication, which ran for 10 weeks.


Polly is currently spending time in Jersey, building resources to return to the UK to pursue her passions and future career in make-up effects, hoping to find work in a workshop, focussing on moulds and the many aspects of prosthetic make-up and practical effects.