Sam Falle is a Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer and Instructor. having relocated from Jersey to the United States he now resides in Nashville, Tennessee where he continues to cater to clients as a freelance producer and engineer both in the U.S. and in U.K and Channel Islands as well as being one of four teachers at the Nashville based Audio Engineering and Music Business school Dark Horse Institute.


Sam received a grant in 2016 from ArtHouse Jersey to help go towards a specific list of equipment that was required to rebuild his home studio and continue working as a freelance engineer after moving off the island to pursue his career in a thriving environment abroad.


Having successfully integrated into life overseas Sam’s networking and ability to create new working relationships has helped him stay busy whilst continuing long lasting connections with Jersey and the rest of his British client base and is working on a number of projects simultaneously and is currently in discussions to become a permanent studio occupant at one of Nashville’s top recording studios.


As well as working on music Sam is also using his home studio, built with the help of the grant provided from ArtHouse Jersey, to venture into the world of Post-production and Sound Design and is in pre-production to work on a hybrid music / video project to be undertaken in 2018.


Sam has produced music for bands and artists such as Mozaics (who ArtHouse Jersey also supported with their music video production) Emily Faye and Kim Syvret amongst others. Check out some of his work below:


Mozaics' 'Always Want You



Mozaics' 'Do This With Me'.