Kaspar Wimberley and Susanne Kudielka work internationally as artists, producers and curators, specialising in site responsive public-art practices. The common thread that runs through their work is an attempt to sensitise an audience to existing social, political or cultural conditions, exposing, negating or interrogating the hierarchy of the moment. Projects are quietly subversive, playfully readjusting the narrative and appreciation of a particular activity or a given site, to act as a catalyst for dialogue and exchange.
ArtHouse Jersey awarded Kaspar and Susanne with funding to establish a new programme of public art called The Morning Boat in Jersey that takes place in the heart of the local community, from the research that is undertaken, through to the public presentation of the work. Activities focus on local industries in Jersey that are often referred to as the foundations of the island economy – Agriculture, finance and tourism – and their impact on people’s lives. The programme's first year has concentrated on the island's agricultural practices.

The Morning Boat has now worked with over 100 artists, farmers, migrant workers, chefs, conservationists, filmmakers, historians, radio enthusiasts, pigeon fanciers and industry representatives, alongside 6 local schools and colleges. Each project has generated meaningful public discourse on complex critical issues and real life practices that are central to the island’s economy, social fabric and way of life.
ArtHouse Jersey has been proud to host the international artists involved in the project as part of residencies at Chateau Vermont. You can find out more about the individual Morning Boat projects by visiting our Artist-In-Residence page.