Jersey Projection Gallery

In November 2015 we saw the final event of Jersey Arts Trust’s Skipton Art Series 2015 - the Jersey Projection Gallery at Normans, Commercial Buildings, which was a huge success with a fantastic turnout.


The Projection Gallery allowed some of Jersey’s most important work to be shown, together, for free, for the first time. The exhibition included work from Jersey Heritage, Societe Jersiaise, Archilse and CCA Collections, Skipton Art Series artists, Elektra’s Dazzle Camouflage, Les P’tits Faîtchieaux and the Island Games. There was also an exhibition of Remembrance on 11th November.



Project Manager of the 2015 Skipton Art Series, Sasha Gibb, said: “The Projection Gallery was a complete joy to work on. Thanks to a brilliant team of partners, volunteers, artists and art organisations we were able to share, enjoy, discuss and debate some of Jersey’s most important visual art. This experience was shared with those on the bus route, in the car (we had quite a few drive-ins), as well as those wrapped in blankets enjoying live performance from the marquee.”