The Minor Gesture

As part of this year’s Skipton Art Series, ArtHouse Jersey created a central commissioning pot for visual arts projects in 2017 that anchored around creating new work and engaging the community. Five individual projects, proposed and coordinated by local artists, were commissioned and each had a mini-exhibition as part of the Link Gallery takeover in June-July.


From Monday 24th July – Saturday 29th July, fine-artist Amber Hahn used the Link Gallery space as a site to explore and devise new site-specific choreographies with a group of performers from Goldsmiths College of Art. Her week long take-over involved the Link Gallery acting as both a training ground for the invention of techniques coming out of collective experimentation and also act as the site for the live events of the choreographies. The public was invited to come and visit the space at any point during the week to either observe the creative process of the young artist and her team or watch performances of Amber’s ‘works-in-development’.


It was an exciting opportunity to see the Link Gallery, a space traditionally associated with visual art, being reimagined by a young up-and-coming artist as a site for performance. The week was as much an experiment for Amber in how to work in and choreograph around an unconventional space, as it is about the possible end result. It was also an interesting chance for the public to be a fly-on-the-wall for an artists’ creative process, helping the Jersey audience to make the conscious link between the Artist and their Artwork through that journey of experimentation, exploration and discovery. Amber’s choreography unfolded over two different temporal formats: daily ‘Procedures’ where the gallery became an open rehearsal/devising space followed by ‘Intervals’ – live events on the Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon of the week. 



The Link Gallery’s Summer Takeover proved to be a huge success for the Skipton Art Series, with a high number of visitors pouring into Jersey Museum. The exhibition space, which is sponsored by Skipton International, was loaned to ArtHouse Jersey during the summer months to showcase local artwork and host community projects and workshops. During the Takeover, the Museum welcomed 11,000 visitors through its doors, 3,000 more than recorded during this period in 2016.