The Mural Project

As part of the Skipton Art Series, ArtHouse Jersey created a central commissioning pot for visual arts projects in 2017 that anchored around creating new work and engaging the community. Five individual projects, proposed and coordinated by local artists, were commissioned and each had a mini-exhibition as part of the Link Gallery takeover in June-July.


‘The Mural Project’ was run by local graffiti artist Ben Robertson, in collaboration with Abi Overland and Will Bertram. The mural sites – the West-facing façade of 23 Colomberie Street and the side of the Randalls owned building between Seville St and Canon St – were areas that have been specifically selected by the artists in order to give them new life.



To create his designs for both sites, Ben engaged with people who pass by the immediate area regularly, including patrons of surrounding businesses, as well as posing the question online, asking them to contribute a sketch or words around questions including ‘who are the people of Jersey?’ Working alongside Ben, artists Abi and Will created original designs, inspired by Jersey life, culture and the islands natural landscape, to bring their own designs to the streets of Jersey.


We’ve seen the power of public murals to enliven, energize and uplift environments that may otherwise go unnoticed, and that they can have a real impact upon the attitude of passersby. Created by three young local artists, and inspired by the island as well as local people within it, these murals communicate a sense of community and inspire conversations among those that walk past them. To capture the project, an exhibition took place at the Link Gallery with design process, initial sketches, photography, and information around the project between Monday 17th July until Sunday 23rd July.


Following on from Parts 1 and 2 of the Mural Project, we will be continuing the project in the summer of 2018, where a collection of 10 Jersey Artists will be adorning the streets of St Helier with new art, to enliven the town centre and reflect the creative spirit of the island as part of the Mural Project Part 3. A new digital map of the Jersey’s street art will be available to download to help you to seek out these artworks on a self-guided walk.


Creative Director of the project Ben Robertson will also be holding Street Art Tours of the murals in St Helier during the week of Open Studios. The tours will be free, taking place Tuesday 26 June, 1pm - 3pm, and Thursday 28 June, 10am - 12pm. The tours will begin at Piquet House.