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Sound of Colour

As part of Jason Butler's 2018 exhibition ‘Where Our Shadows Were’, we invited the public to premiere a new, unique and collaborative composition called 'Sound of Colour'.


We love to bring together artists who practice different disciplines, and in June 2018, we introduced two artists: Jason Butler, a celebrated painter creating a mixture of figurative and abstract paintings and Jack Chown, a former winner of Young Musician of the Year going on to train at Oxford University, the Royal Academy of Music and Abbey Road Studios and now working in London producing music and composing.


When Jack hears sound he sees colour and Jason listens extensively to music when creating his work. It felt to us like there was scope for exploration.

Creating the Work

Working with film artist Todd MacDonald, Jack captured Jason’s movements as he painted and using an algorithm made it into a piece of music, effectively providing a way for Jason to compose as he paints. The style of the music is shaped by the work and responds to Jason’s studio playlist.


See Todd's full video of the project below, which was also presented at the 2018 premiere. 



Jack Chown 

Jason Butler 

Todd MacDonald