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The Morning Boat

The morning boat is an international artist residency on the island of Jersey, produced by ArtHouse Jersey and curated by Kaspar Wimberley and Susanne Kudielka, that aims to generate a reflective and meaningful discourse on critical issues and real life practices that are central to the island’s economy, social fabric and way of life. Activities focus on local industries that are often referred to as the foundations of the island economy – Agriculture, finance and tourism – and their impact on people’s lives.

Artists are invited to Jersey whose work is thought provoking, unforgettable, accessible to its audience and sensitive to the context in which it is presented. Projects will be developed specifically for the island of Jersey, responding to its unique character and narrative. Work as part of the residencies takes place in public spaces and every-day working environments, in collaboration with the local community.

What is the focus of the project?


The focus for the residency in 2017 and 2018 is Ariculture, aquaculture and fishing.


Working together with farmers, fishermen, seasonal workers, politicians, chefs, retailers and consumers, artists are asked to investigate and respond to the locally grown, caught, gathered and reared food chain.


They will explore the past, present and future implications of agricultural practices in Jersey, while interacting with and responding to existing infrastructures, social and economic conditions and the products themselves.

Artists and Projects

So far several artists or collectives have had residencies in Jersey as part of the morning boat project. You can find out more about each indivual project by visiting these links to profiles on each artist on our Artist-in-Residency page:


Futurefarmers - The Seed Journey


Cooking Sections - CLIMAVORE


Alicja Rogalska - Jersey Migrant Workers Archive & Agri-care