A Seedy Sunday, Potluck picnic and Germinale will be taking place Sunday 25th March at Hamptonne Country Life Museum as part of The Seed Journey ACTII. Supported by The morning boat, Jersey Heritage and Liberation Brewery, the Futurefarmers are returning to Jersey to grow an experimental field of barley. As the grains germinate, further events will take place between the 22nd and 29th March, acting as Living Scarecrows to protect the field. Visit the morning boat's Facebook page for event updates. 


A Seedy Sunday: Taking place from midday until 4pm, seed collectors, growers and gardeners are invited to share and exchange their seeds with one another.

Potluck Picnic: Everyone is invited to bring along some food and eating utensils for a communal potluck picnic between midday and 2pm. 

Germinale: From 2pm, local artists Kerry-Jane Warner and Sheri Burt have collaborated to create a series of costumes and a performance inspired by the cyclical nature of the seasons and crops, our relationship with the land and our need to care for it. 


The morning boat would also love to hear from anybody willing to help set up the space in the morning or manage the event in the afternoon. Additionally, they invite anyone wishing to add something special to the day’s proceedings to also contact them (Story telling, etc).

The seed exchange hopes to fill the gap and sustain the momentum created by Seedy Sunday Jersey, which they hope will return next year.


Important Information:  Anybody coming in a car will need to park in the Hamptonne Country Life Museum car park. Follow the signs to enter the site. We are not using the main entrance to Hamptonne Country Museum and the courtyard is closed for maintenance work.

The Seed Journey ACTII is supported by Genuine Jersey, Liberation Brewery, Jersey Heritage and the One Foundation. The morning boat is produced by ArtHouse Jersey. Germinale is supported by Skipton International, as part of the Skipton Art Series.