Check out some of our past and current projects if you want to know more about our work as producers.

COVID Commissions

Back in September of 2020, looking to inspire artists and encourage them to think outside of the box, ArtHouse Jersey published a call-out inviting creators to pitch for a ‘COVID Commission’, up to the value of £5,000

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Memory Boxes

The ​Memory Box​ project is an ​ArtHouse Jersey​ commission designed by digital artist Thomas Buckley​ to reach older members of our community who may be lonely or socially isolated, by bringing a unique theatrical experience directly into people’s homes within all COVID restrictions.

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Live Online Art Workshops Series

ArtHouse Jersey is currently offering a programme of online classes with skilled artists that people can participate in from the comfort of their own living room. This helps to keep the community as a whole creative, while removing some potential participatory barriers that might ordinarily exist within the physical set up.

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Cake and Cabaret

Cake and Cabaret is a variety show for the elderly, touring the Parish Halls. These cabaret themed events offer elderly parishioners the opportunity to have fun and socialise in a welcoming environment while enjoying professionally produced entertainment.

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Our ‘Mavericks’ programme brings performing arts classes to children of school age with special educational needs.Through dance, movement, singing and acting, these classes deliver a meaningful impact on the lives of participants who would otherwise find the performing arts inaccessible.

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Childrens Creative Retreats

This project was designed in direct response to an identified need from key experts from the Department of Children, Young People, Education and Skills (CYPES) for there to be a more equal provision of cultural and creative activities for children across the primary sector.

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